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1239347214W4PYL5  Francine 2

This is how I imagine Francine,

my heroine in Set my soul on fire


The sailing challenge

swimming with turtles

Swimming with the turtles

marina caped'arge

Little Venice...... Cape d'Arge marina

Kindle addition on Loving a war child,  is FLASHBACK.


Excerpt - Flashback or Loving a war child


.' I blew all the Zerac family and their ‘business’ premises to hell where they all belonged.’



  They flew into Montego Bay and were transported to their hotel, which had individual round thatched huts. They looked a bit like Adanna’s hut in Africa until you went inside and saw the luxurious surroundings and enormous beds. The huts hugged the icing sugar sand, and the deep turquoise sea water was warm and clear. At night you were lulled to sleep by the breathing surf.  


As the days went on she recalled more and more happier memories of her family and blocked out the bad recollections of what had happened and what she had done.


Alicia spun from the bed, and giggling, glided over to Daniel, who was trying to put this trousers on. She clasped him around the stomach, pressed herself up against his backside and slithered her hand around to his manhood, which he was trying with some difficulty to pack into his trousers.






KLGR-KILLGORE-Girl-War-Guns-Stalker-24x36-Art-POSTER-Free-shipping 1Alicia on beach

This is how I imagine Alicia.


Excerpt - Set my Soul on Fire.

"I want you naked, " he muttered and somehow, just before we fell onto the bed, he had unzipped my dress and lifted me out of it. This man was an artist!

The beginning of my dream. - There was a slight breeze, but the sea was relatively calm, which is more than can be said for my stomach!  

"Mmmm, and you taste as sweet as sugar," and turning he gave me one of his amorous kisses that stopped me from thinking and curled my toes.