Set my soul on fire-story images

1239347214W4PYL5  Francine 2

This is how I imagine Francine,

my heroine in Set my soul on fire

backcover (1)

‘I need air, not our room,’ Alicia said. An odd tone had entered her voice, and Daniel guided her out into the hotel grounds and sat her down on the nearest bench. She shook herself free of Daniel’s arm, letting the slight breeze catch at her damp hair, lifting it and whispering her name. It was her dead relatives calling her … then she realised it was Daniel. She needed to be alone, to gather her thoughts; she knew Daniel would start questioning her. She shivered. The breeze had done its work and her body was dry with the cold.

‘Can you go and get my coat, please?’

Daniel nodded. ‘You sure you will be alright if I leave you?’

‘I’ll be fine, but I need my coat.’

Daniel rushed across the lawn and raced up the stairs like a hare. What was going to happen now? Maybe the police! Would they be interested in what this man did in another country? Interpol, then. Would that mean that Alicia’s …. Maybe he should suggest it to Alicia first after he took her away as quickly as he could from this hotel and that man. He feared what she might do. Where was her damn coat?

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