I have been writing for years, every time I have a moment, up to now for children; ( pen name Lia Ginno) but I have a mountain of unfinished stories for adults fading away in note pads and in files on my laptop.  Like most authors, people I meet trigger my stories.  I belong to several woman groups and we sometimes sit around discussing our men and relationships.  I have always had many woman friends; I enjoy their deep caring emotions, their love for their family that rules their lives, which often stops their dreams, and sometimes even who they are.  However, most women have inner strength, that shines through.  Real people are so much more fascinating than made up characters.  I have so many stories that my friends have inspired, half written or lined up in my head and I do wonder if now I am retired, living the winter in Spain if they will ever get written.


 Although it is such fun to write about love and the different forms of love. Writing is the best way to indulge in fantasy - beauty, money, perfect settings, and good characters will capture my heart and the story, and I’m off.  Then with each story, a different lover, not perfect, but damn close and everything you have ever fantasised about in a man.  I am often reluctant to leave him and finish the story and let my heroine take him away, although I adore her too much to make her forever unhappy.


'Set My Soul On Fire, ' is a real fantasy romane about Francine, who at forty has lost herself in marriage and doesn’t even realise it, until she becomes divorced.  Her divorce kindles dormant things inside her and leads her on a journey of discovery in mind, spirit and….. body.



My second novel. 'Loving a war child,' is a story all about love.  When you lose people you love it can be like losing a part of yourself.  Love is a powerful emotion and that can make it quiet dangerous.  Love is an inner struggle,  it is invisable but can be both menacing and amazing.  This story is no fairy tale.  It is about young girls who hase been affected by horrendous acts of war and how they eventually overcome the hate and learn to love again.   It is raw, emotional and thought provoking allowing the reader to consider what's right and wrong and most of all what is love?


Armed conflict is a reality for millions of children today.  The novel is for them.


Loving a war child. Paperback.  Also, now in Kindle form as FLASHBACK


Alicia, a young girl finds herself caught up in the Yugoslav war and with a dead heart she seeks revenge on the people who killed her family. Following the trail of the one man, Doctor Zerac, who was the instigator of the murders, to his family home, she discovers the families sickly business but Dr Zerac has disappeared.  As she grows into a woman can her heart be opened to love again?




warning delicipus depp

Who could resist this...



Thank you to all my readers, your enjoyment of my stories makes it all amazing.   Take risks, challenge yourself, love what you are doing or change it.  Grasp the moment, because you only live once.

UPDATE  November 2020


My third and latest novel will be out in the new year, titled. 'Spanish Roots.' It is a romantic murder mystery set in Spain.